Things To Know About Types of Scaffolding and their Materials

02 July 21

Do you know how construction workers reach such a height?

It is a scaffold that helps construction workers to stay stable at such a height and perform their tasks. A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to reach the desired height and complete tasks with stability. 

But the term scaffold has various components which help the structure to stay erect and stable. It has multiple individual elements like different types of scaffolding which help the structure to get the desired height and shape. 

In this blog, you will mainly read about different types of scaffolding products and their use in the structure. 

8 scaffolding materials used primarily in temporarily erected structure 

  1. Beam Clamp – There are mainly two types of beam clamp, clip-on and adjustable type. Depending upon their usage, they are primarily used either for attaching a hoist or lifting a beam. The design of beams is done in such a way that the line of force is always at a right angle where the attachment is made with a beam flange. 
  2. Spigot Pin scaffoldings – These are also popular as a joint pin that connects verticals at their ends. Spigot pins are of great use in the construction industry, and hence, trustworthy and skilled designers are required to design these pins. 
  3. Construction Scaffolding – This helps construction workers to move around the structure safely in whichever direction they require. The construction scaffolding also provides support to equipment at height apart from safety workers. 
  4. H Frame Tower – Frame scaffolding, tower scaffolding, or standard scaffolding are some of the other names famous in the construction industry. The whole set-up has two parts, h frame and top & bottom ledgers combined with each other.
  5. Cuplock Scaffolding – This scaffolding is like a temporary stage that helps construction workers, materials, and equipment move quickly and safely. Moreover, as it helps ease the movement of construction materials and workers, it is needed to be sturdy and well-built. 
  6. Shuttering Plate – Shuttering plate is also famous with names like steel plates, centering plates, formwork, or steel plates. The main task of shuttering plates is to provide support and a base for wet concrete during the process of casting.These plates are removed when concrete is hardened and stable. 
  7. Telescopic Steel Prop – This prop finds its use in the construction process where floors, walls, columns, slabs, and temporary beams require base and support. The telescopic steel prop comes in various heights and diameters as demanded by clients.  
  8. Adjustable Props – These props also find the same application as telescopic steel props, but they are also in great demand during repair work. These props eliminate the need for time consumption and costly labour. 

So, this is it. Above are the most popularly used scaffoldings and materials in construction fields. For people in need, these scaffolding products are widely available for rent as well as for fresh purchase. Needy people can search online and get connected with various genuine and top-quality scaffolding sellers in and around their area. 

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