Healthcare NGO CanWinn - Introduction

CanWinn Foundation is the leading non-governmental organization that has risen in the year 2019 with the aspiration to let people win over numerous chronic diseases. With a dedicated team of specialized doctors, we administer treatment in various fields like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani, Magnetic Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Acupressure. Likewise, we have a dedicated team of volunteers that is gracefully committed to spreading awareness about illnesses. The health camps we organize are entirely based on disseminating health consciousness to awake people and society.

Every blood donor is a lifesaver Rakt-Daan Maha Daan

We can not make blood, but we can donate it. When some misfortune happens, it takes so much time to find a healthy donor with a particular blood group. Sometimes people lose their loved ones just because they can’t find the right donor on time.
So, to tackle this issue and inspire people to donate blood, the CanWinn Foundation developed an application named “Rakt-Daan.

Benefits of Rakt-Daan App

  • Organized blood donation camps
  • Prompt notifications in case of emergency
  • Find a live donor
  • Use proprietary algorithm to match blood group
  • Maintains complete privacy

Download the CanWinnapp

Book doctor consultations with India’s top doctor’s on the CanWinn Foundation App.

We Offer Complete Health Care Solutions for You & Your Family.

Benefits for CanWinn app users

  • Easy to use
  • Immediate Discounts on Medical Services
  • CanWinn Helpline Support
  • CanWinn Field Team Support


  • Connect with Doctors and Hospitals around you
  • Affordable and easy Doctor Consultations
  • Free Ambulance Service
  • Blood Donation Support
  • 10-20% Discount on Hospital Bills
  • CanWinn Seva Polyclinics (OPD at ₹100/- Only)
  • 10-20% Discount on Medicines
  • 20-40% Discount on Lab Tests


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Our Clients
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