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Conservation and Productivity

Life at Winntus

Three Environmental and Social Components

Save Earth, Save Climate -Go Green Activity

'Save Earth, Save Climate' help us safeguard the environment and promote sustainable life. We promote environmental awareness and execute numerous requirements during processing. By using renewable energy, conserving water, recycling, and reducing trash, we lower our carbon footprint.

Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan

Our crew has taken a stance for cleanliness and motivated others to do the same with the 'Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan' idols. We promote and maintain cleanliness across our company. promoting biodegradables and healthy hygiene.

Help The Needy -Alms Giving Activity

Our 'Help the Needy' activity helped the needy and promoted charity donations. We aim in giving help to others and build a more compassionate society. Our volunteer team donates money and resources to the needy.

Enhancing Employee Growth and Well-Being

Personality Development & Training Programme

Winntus believes personal development and training programmes are key to employee growth and success. This programme teaches new skills, improves their knowledge, and boosts their performance. We promote a pleasant work atmosphere, boost productivity, and minimise employee turnover.

Personal development and training examples:

  • Leadership development focuses on communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
  • Learn new skills and gain new information to advance our employees' careers.
  • This programme promotes cooperation and collaboration to increase cohesion and productivity.

Employee Of The Month Award Ceremony

We honour every individual's hard work and accomplishments with an "Employee of the Month" award. This is how we demonstrate staff gratitude. This event increases morale, motivation, and job excellence and makes us the Top 5 Aluminium Formwork System Manufacturers in India.

Celebration Of National Events

Our firm celebrates national festivals, holidays, and anniversaries to express support for our country. This festival encourages diversity and a feeling of belonging among workers. It may also help employees understand and appreciate one another's cultures and customs.


What are aluminum formworks?

Aluminum formwork, also known as aluminum alloy formwork is used for new-generation construction processes. They are the method used in building construction to form cast-in-place concrete structures. These formworks are ideal for load-bearing wall construction. This technology is quick, easy, versatile, durable, and affordable.

What is the difference between shuttering and scaffolding?

The primary distinction between scaffolding and shuttering is that scaffolding is set up to serve as a platform for workers to use while working at heights around the building, whereas shuttering is arranged to support the structural elements.

Can the aluminum formworks, scaffolding, and shuttering products be rented?

We offer rental services for construction products because we understand not everyone is in the need to buy them. All types of construction accessories and equipment are available for rent.

Are aluminum formworks economical?

Due to its high reusability, aluminum formwork has a much lower overall cost per square foot than other traditional types of formwork materials. Without incurring the high costs of hoisting cranes or lifting equipment, the erection process can be carried out even by unskilled labor.

Can the damaged scaffolding be repaired?

Construction materials like scaffolding can get damaged after being used several times. The damaged or worn-out scaffoldings can be repaired and reconditioned with our cost-effective repair services using the latest innovation.

Is it possible to get new scaffolding in exchange for the old ones?

New and customized scaffolding products can be provided in exchange for old, non-operational, and damaged ones. You can get fully functional and reliable scaffolding for construction projects.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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