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One of Top 5 Aluminium Formwork System manufacturers in India

Winntus is hailed as one of the leading and most prestigious manufacturers of shuttering and scaffolding products across the Indian Construction Industry. Since our inception in the year 1999, we have been catering to the ever-evolving needs of the Industry. We are entitled as the provider of Best Scaffolding on Rental Services. Under the able leadership and mentorship of Mr. DP Goel, Winntus has been constantly raising the bar of excellence in this highly competitive customer service-centric Industry. Spread across the country, with its 10 branches, Winntus caters to satisfying the needs and demands of clients in 20 states. We are continuously striving to serve customers better by increasing its network across the nook and corner of the country. 

Leading Aluminium Formwork System Manufacturers in India

We are the Leading Aluminium Formwork System Manufacturer in India. In addition, we aim to serve a holistic and sustainable approach to our clients. Over a notable year of experience, we have received positive feedback from our pan-India clients. Most importantly, we are persistently indulging in the component of innovation and self-reliance, and thus, this method develops a trustworthy and lasting relationship with our clients. In addition, the characteristics of our aluminium formwork and scaffolding products consist the low maintenance, durable, lustrous shine, and are effectively used for multiple-times. Furthermore, these are also highly recommendable for resistance to components of corrosion and rusting of iron. Despite this, we aim to deliver the product through the fastest mode of transportation. Now, contact us and feature the best affordable services. 


To continually deliver excellènt value and innovative formwork system solutions of International benchmark

From The Chairman’s Desk


WINNTUS Group has now completed more than two decades of innovative formwork system solutions since its inception in 1999 .During these two decades we have been playing active role in empowering India by generating more employment across the country and creating the Industrial Ecosystem. The focus has always been on innovation and invention with emphasis on quality of work as well as safety &Security of the involved human resource .

What I envisioned has now been realized into a concrete reality as we continue to achieve our 3T principle of Trust ,Transparency and Technology embedment by offering unique construction solutions amongst the competition. This was only made possible through sheer hard-work, utmost commitment and professional dedication towards our founding values and objectives. The remarkable success of the group over the recent past is undoubtedly attributed to our highly professional team comprising of diversified expertise and rich experience.

We find it pertinent to emphasize that we are fully committed to ensure customer satisfaction in all the products and services bearing the name of WINNTUS and keep adhering to our practice and motto of committing less and delivering more in conducting our business processes on well-defined ethical lines. We are determined to leave no stone unturned to continuously improve upon our services and products year after year. We once again thank everyone in our ecosystem for continuous faith and trust in us and we promise to deliver our services with same care ,zeal ,enthusiasm and passion .


What are aluminum formworks?

Aluminum formwork, also known as aluminum alloy formwork is used for new-generation construction processes. They are the method used in building construction to form cast-in-place concrete structures. These formworks are ideal for load-bearing wall construction. This technology is quick, easy, versatile, durable, and affordable.

What is the difference between shuttering and scaffolding?

The primary distinction between scaffolding and shuttering is that scaffolding is set up to serve as a platform for workers to use while working at heights around the building, whereas shuttering is arranged to support the structural elements.

Can the aluminum formworks, scaffolding, and shuttering products be rented?

We offer rental services for construction products because we understand not everyone is in the need to buy them. All types of construction accessories and equipment are available for rent.

Are aluminum formworks economical?

Due to its high reusability, aluminum formwork has a much lower overall cost per square foot than other traditional types of formwork materials. Without incurring the high costs of hoisting cranes or lifting equipment, the erection process can be carried out even by unskilled labor.

Can the damaged scaffolding be repaired?

Construction materials like scaffolding can get damaged after being used several times. The damaged or worn-out scaffoldings can be repaired and reconditioned with our cost-effective repair services using the latest innovation.

Is it possible to get new scaffolding in exchange for the old ones?

New and customized scaffolding products can be provided in exchange for old, non-operational, and damaged ones. You can get fully functional and reliable scaffolding for construction projects.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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