Scaffolding Terms & Conditions

Locking the Agreement

  • 2nd party has all rights to receive all the material in good shape and good condition.
  • The approximate quantity of goods and tenure of the agreement is mentioned on page no4. Of the agreement.
  • 2nd party shall bear all the transportation expenses incurred on both sides.
  • 2nd party shall provide an advance deposit Cheque of three months or 10% value of goods at the time of agreement.
  • 2nd party will be entertained with this agreement with an undated Cheque of the full value of the material for security purposes.
  • Security (full value of goods) Cheque No…………………….Amount Rs……………….
  • Advance amount Cheque No……….Amount Rs…….
  • Advance deposit will be adjusted in final billing or will be returned back after completion of the agreement
  • The billing cycle will be from 26th to the 25th of every month
  • Running monthly rental bill must be paid till 10th  of every Month.
  • 2nd party is responsible to return materials to Winntus Group firm’s godown with their own transport.
  • 2nd party is liable to pay GST……&% as per government regulations act, which will be charged in the bill generated every month..
  • 2nd party is liable to pay for breakage, repair, and shortage of the material received after the completion of the agreement as per the rates mentioned on page4.
  • 2nd party shall consider the copy of the receipt challan in absence of any purchase order with the best regard.
  • 2nd party shall accurately attest all the challan of the material received with contact numbers, name, stamp, and date.
  • 2nd party is kindly requested to settle all queries regarding the bill prior to the 3rd of every month, any delay regarding rectification will not be entertained.
  • 2dn party shall not shift the material without the written permission of 1st party, in this case, 2nd party is found guilty and questionable on ethical grounds.
  • A cross-check on the stock is mandatory for both parties.
  • 2nd party is requested to intimate 1st  party well before 7 working days to the finale of the invoice and furnish the return of the material.
  • Then rental will be charged from the date of dispatch till receipt date of material back
  • Due to any natural havoc, financial stock-ups, labor management, or any other circumstances of your work stops after dispatching material then 1st party won’t bear any adjustment in the rental bill.
  • 2nd party is requested to send a representative the time of loading material for counting.

Vital Points

  • 1st party stands out from any conflict between 2nd party and the principal site owner, the owner of the site cannot create any hurdle during the process of liting material.
  • 2nd party will acknowledge this agreement for all the sites with the effect of the material from 1st party.
  • 1st party has all rights to recover their material implementing all the labor charges and cartage into the account of 2nd party on the failure of payment of two consecutive bills.
  • The insurance of the material in total transit is under the scope of 2nd party.
  • All disputes shall be settled in the Gurugram judiciary
  • It is being brought into the limelight that both the parties have thoroughly gone through the agreement and all the main points of the agreement have been studied with the utmost attention.
  • 2nd party shall provide these underwritten documents-
    • Aadhar card/voter card/driving license
    • Pan card
    • Gst certificate copy
    • Client assurance letter
    • Certification letter of authorized signatory
    • Site address proof (W.O copy of client)