Safety Measures for Scaffolding in Summers/Spring

28 June 21
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Undertaking a construction project is not the bed of roses and we do know that this is true to accept therefore, we provide scaffolding materials in Mumbai. Not only this but at PAN India. There are various issues one has to incur in ensuring everything smoothly takes place. The workers involved in the construction activities face various threats and risks to their life and health. With the change in seasons, there is a change in various health hazards that workers have to face. As now summers are upon us, the workers must be ready in advance to counter the scorching heat for the next few months. With the help of following Scaffolding Safety for Spring and Summer, the workers can be better prepared. These include:

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  • Sunburn and Heatstroke: Summers is the season of long and hot days. The workers are exposed to the high level of UV rays that causes the problem of sunburn. One must take measures to protect against it as this can lead to skin cancer. To avoid such a situation, one must apply a good amount of sunscreen and continue to reapply it throughout the day. Besides this, the worker can also experience heatstroke even with a little exhaustion. The construction work involves strenuous labour, and when this is performed in hot and humid temperatures, it can lead to heatstroke, and if measures are not taken to cool down the worker, then one might even sustain internal damage. Keeping hydrated is essential to avoid heatstroke. One must take a regular break so that body does not get exhausted easily. If one starts to feel dizzy or feels like the skin is burning, one must immediately sit somewhere quiet and cool and rest. 
  • Poor Air Quality: During summer, the air quality is poor because of the reaction between various pollutants and the sunlight. This can lead to hay fever that affects millions of people every year. However, this fever can be treated with the help of medication. But those who are most affected are advised to wear face and eye protection whenever they are working outside for a large part of the day. Also, poor air quality can have a serious impact on ones suffering from asthma, and thus the individual with this issue must have an inhaler all the time.
  • Extreme Weather: Summer not only brings heat and dry air but also extreme weathers such as thunderstorms etc. Though their frequency is not very high, one must be prepared in advance to safeguard one life and health. During times of thunderstorms and lightning, no workers must be present onsite. There must be proper arrangement of shelter area in case of such event, and this must be known to every worker. Keeping a check on the weather a day before is a good idea as one can plan and change the working hours as per it.
  • Toxic Plants: Toxic plants are another issue that poses risks to the health and life of the workers. One such is poison ivy that not causes serious damage to one who is allergic. Also, when these are burnt, anyone who inhales it causes them issue to breathe. Thus, one must check any toxic plant near the construction activity to take corrective action in advance.


Hence with these measures, the workers will be prepared to deal with various issues because of summer or spring.

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