Mivan Shuttering/Formwork: Important Aspects

06 September 21
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Mivan technology is used by many real estate developers today as it guarantees the structure’s stability. This makes Mivan technology an excellent choice for building multiple houses quickly. Mivan shuttering can be used to replace the traditional ways of building houses.

What do you need to know about Mivan formwork?

Mivan shuttering/formwork basically refers to an aluminium formwork system. It is an innovative construction technique that offers speed and durability without compromising on strength or durability. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of construction that can be time-consuming as well as labour-intensive.

It’s a great way to construct larger projects, as it has all of the components like slabs, beams, and staircases. They are made of concrete. Mivan formwork, which is easier to assemble, enables speedier constructions. It’s a great alternative to traditional shuttering methods.

Benefits of Mivan formwork—

  • Swiftness— Reduces total turn-around by almost half, compared to other construction techniques.
  • It’s not labour intensive—This technology reduces the requirement for skilled labour.
  • You get durability in construction— Buildings are stronger and more resistant to seismic waves.
  • Aluform is not high-maintenance—This technology reduces seepage and has no construction joints.
  • The finish is smooth— The uniformity of Mivan construction means that all walls and slabs are smooth. Additional plastering is not necessary.
  • Carpet area— It offers more carpet area than traditional methods.
  • Resistant to earthquakes — This is an earthquake-resistant structure and safer in case of a strong earthquake. Mivan concrete structures act as a strong unit because they are monolithic.

The steps involved in creating the shuttering—

There are many suppliers of aluform designsChoose a trusted one to make sure the shuttering can be built smoothly. Here are the steps involved in the construction of Mivan shuttering—

  • The vertical reinforcement bars would be erected on the first day. One side of formwork will be used for the floor.
  • On the second day, another side of vertical formwork would be erected as well as the floor’s framework would be completed.
  • Labour would then fix the floor reinforcement bars, as well as cast and repair the slabs on the third day.
  • The labour would take down the vertical formwork panels on the fourth day. They would leave the props up for 7 days and remove the floor slab formwork after 2.5 days. This allows construction to happen quickly. 

From the above discussion, it is easy to deduce that Mivan formwork offers many amazing benefits. It speeds up construction and also yields higher quality construction. Because the formwork is light, it’s easier for workers to handle it. And since there are fewer joints, the maintenance required for it is low. Also, since shuttering is a pre-determined process, skilled labour is not required for installation.

It has a natural appearance and does not require plastering. There is less waste generation because of the lower cost of fabrication. Besides, aluminium is resistant to corrosion, so it can be used hundreds of times. It can also effectively withstand seismic forces.

In case you are looking for suppliers of mockupsthen doing a rigorous search will help you zero in on the right service provider in your city. Go for a reliable company if you are looking to invest in Mivan formwork. Hire a service provider that has a team of engineers who can help you with any questions or concerns regarding your construction project.

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