Essential Requirements of Mivan Shuttering for Concrete Projects

02 July 21

Construction activities are not easy to handle as they include various types of work that must be performed with utmost care and caution. 

Construction processes include the use of some material without which no construction process is complete. One such material is concrete. Concrete is one of the basic yet most important materials in the construction process, no matter whether it is big or small. Concrete is suitable for almost all types of construction activities because of its top-tier qualities. Formwork and shuttering in concrete projects are the means through which concrete materials are used We provide aluminium formwork in pune.

Concrete is put into a mould which is nothing but formwork, and when the concrete dries and solidifies, the formwork is removed. The concrete through this process stands in place, and this whole process is known as shuttering of formwork. There are both temporary and permanent types of formworks that one can use depending upon their needs and type of construction activity. Formwork’s main purpose is to ensure that concrete is properly solidified in shape. When the concrete has achieved the desired strength through this process, the formwork is removed. Formwork can also be reused without causing any trouble.



The process of shuttering can only be a success when the formwork one is using has certain features. These features are essential as these ensure that the formwork is equipped enough to handle the concrete construction requirements. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • The formwork must be strong enough to handle live as well as dead loads. The formwork with such capabilities should only be chosen for construction projects.
  • The formwork must be able to retain the shape through the use of enough shapes and braces.
  • One must ensure that the joint structures of formwork are leak-proof as only then the structure will remain stable and intact.
  • The formwork must be the one that one after getting removed does not spoil the concrete.
  • The best kind of formwork is the one that can be used again and also are light in weight. It makes the whole process of shuttering more convenient.
  • Another essential feature of formwork is that its material must not wrap or distort to hold the concrete n a proper manner.

Hence, these are essential features that one must look into formwork before beginning with the process of shuttering. These will ensure that everything takes place in the right manner.

There are various types of formworks available that are made up of different materials. The choice of formwork will depend upon the type of concrete and also the pouring temperature. These two factors have an important say on the pressure exerted. The formwork must be able to withstand both dry and wet concrete, and if the formwork cannot handle the pressure, the whole structure will get spoilt. 

Formwork also requires the need for quality falsework so to preclude any movement during the construction process. Besides this, there is also a need for a qualified workforce who knows how to maintain the quality and standards of concrete. Supervision is integral to ensure that the construction processes are being carried out without any hassles.

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