Understanding Safety Hazards While Working With Scaffoldings

19 July 21

Working at a height is always a matter of concern. In the construction industry, the seriousness of the matter manifolds with several injuries taking place every year. Of all these cases, plenty of cases belongs to scaffolding-based injuries. But as a matter of fact, these accidents can be prevented, saving millions of lives every year. 

So, this blog will mainly shed light on understanding safety hazards as explained by industry experts and several worthy scaffolding suppliersMillions of injuries can be avoided by taking preventive measures and remaining attentive while dealing with scaffolding at height.

But before this blog proceeds further, here is a quick explanation of scaffoldings and their application in the construction industry. 

Quick know-how about scaffolding

Scaffolding comes from the word scaffold, which resembles a temporary structure made to be used as working platforms at height. Scaffold finds its main application in the construction industry where workers have to perform various tasks at a great height from the ground level. The erected structure, scaffold, provides construction workers a safe and stable platform for completing their tasks. Scaffolding makes the individual building block of the erected structure. The individual components could be any, including couplers, tubes, frames, etc. 

Understanding scaffolding work

Scaffolding work involves altering, erecting, or dismantling the erected structure in a construction site or wherever it finds the need. The person deployed for the task should have a license of high-risk work and must be skilled enough. 

The slightest mistake made while erecting the structure cause several workplace hazards, including loss of lives working at a height.

Prominent safety hazards that can be prevented with caution

  • Not providing a proper platform for working and movement
  • Not using guardrails for platforms higher than 5 feet
  • Contact with electrical wires running over the erected structure 
  • Unsecured planks made as a platform on scaffolds
  • Rolling scaffolds while workers are still working
  • Overloading scaffold platform with more than the desired workers
  • Not using ladders to climb scaffolds

Above these are major hazards that take place during working on scaffolds. Therefore, some proper precautions should be taken while working on scaffolds because every industry has a degree of hazard which can be avoided if mandatory rules are followed, and precautions are taken. 

The same rule applies in the construction industry as well. If workers adhere to basic rules and follow tips, these scaffolding-related hazards will go down in numbers and diminish. These tips mentioned here are sought-after by scaffolding suppliers and experts.

  • Workers must wear safety uniforms and accessories
  • Take care of load limits and do not overdo
  • Follow all the industry standards and regulations while working on scaffolds
  • Before erecting a structure, inspect the material properly for damage and rusting
  • Erect a tightly secured and leveled structure for smooth working 
  • Timely inspect the structure and take care of all safety measures
  • Keep heavy-duty vehicles out of site 
  • Climb with the help ladder 

With these tips, workers at construction sites can easily avoid scaffolding-related accidents and work safely. 

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