30 January 19

Many people are still not aware of the term scaffolding. Well, let start by knowing the term first. Scaffolding is a temporary framework created from wood that assists the workers to stand and sit on it while doing their tasks at heights, above the ground level. They can be suspended from above or supported from the ground level. Thus, it is specially made to give access to heights that are away from our reach.

These days one can find various types of scaffolding equipment and even Hire scaffolding in Gurgaon. No matter what type, all of them are manufactured by keeping in mind that “Safest first”. The construction company purchases or hire more than one kind of scaffolding to do different tasks.

Various types of scaffolding are mentioned here below:

Suspended Scaffolding: It is usually used by window painters or washer as it can be suspended with the aid of heavy-duty ropes, pulleys, weights. Suspended Scaffolding works on the rules of a balance platform that lifts and lowers depending on the area where it is being used.

Cantilever Scaffolding: If used in the correct way, they are easily erected and can securely hold one construction worker and all the other required supplies. Cantilever Scaffolding is the type to lean or angle out from a structure and not used as the others, where they are placed at the structure’s side.

Single Pole Scaffolding: Consisting of a single row of poles, they certainly depend upon the structure against which they are positioned for the support. Keep in mind that, Single pole scaffoldings are not at all suggested for works which include heavy altered or simple to remove external structures.

Here are just a few of many different kinds of scaffolding equipment and, available in the market and one can easily hire cuplock ledgers too. They are used on a construction site, but one can also avail for their homes as well. Winntus is the leading and most trusting scaffolding and shuttering products manufacturer in Delhi. We supply all kinds of scaffolding accessories and equipment for completing the assignments.

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