Concrete is one of the integral parts of commercial construction projects. Formworks are used to provide shape and support to concrete until the concrete is stable and strong enough to support its weight. Besides providing the required strength to the concrete, the formworks are used in various components of building such as chimneys, core walls, staircase, and many more. Formwork is very important in making construction projects a success. This is because it helps in improving speed, quality, efficiency, and workers’ safety. One can understand the importance of formwork in a construction project by the fact that it accounts for 30-40 percent of construction costs. Thus, one must be careful with formwork. Winntus formwork Pvt. Ltd is very perticular about construction industry and aluminium formwork is one of our key business to support industry.

However, no matter how much one is careful, there is a situation that can lead to formwork failures, mainly when the concrete is being poured into moulds. However aluminium formwork price is bit high but still modern construction industry have now started prefering. As we had been disucssing earlier regarding precaustionary measurement,some of these failures are mentioned below:


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These are some of the formwork failures that one may encounter during construction. It is possible to solve these issues at different stages of the formwork process:

  • The Erecting Stage: One must ensure that the formwork is designed by a competent and skilled individual and thus can withstand the dynamic as well as static loads. In case proprietary formwork is used, one must see that these are properly assembled as per the guidelines of manufacturers. In case of custom formwork, ensure that the design is complete by a qualified individual. Before the concrete is poured, one must ensure that formwork is erected in the right manner, and only after verifying this next step must begin.
  • Pouring Stage: The structural integrity of formwork must be verified before pouring the concrete. It is very important to form a boundary zone to prevent the workers from entering the area where the concrete is being poured into the formwork. Also, one must maintain this zone till the concrete has attained the strength to carry its weight. Early signs of failures can be identified by monitoring the whole process, and thus one must entrust the supervision work to the qualified individual. During the process of concrete pouring, care must be taken so that there is overloading on the formwork.
  • Stripping stage: Under the stripping stage, formwork must be removed when the minimum time for curing as specified is reached and not before it. This will otherwise might cause the structure to collapse.

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Hence with these tips, one must be clear about how to prevent concrete formwork failures.