Shuttering on Rent in Kolkata

Shuttering is a type of formwork that is used to build concrete in vertical form. It is used for vertical structures like columns or walls and is assembled in a way to give the concrete a desirable shape. The concrete is poured in, and it is hardened according to the placing of shuttering.

Shuttering is available in materials like wood, plywood, steel, plastic, or fabric formwork. It facilitates the speedy construction of the buildings along with smooth finishing. Many builders now prefer to get shuttering on rent in Kolkata as it is a more affordable option.

We at Winntus provide the best shuttering rental services in Kolkata. We provide various types of shuttering products in different sizes and weights that will give a finished surface to your building along with speedy construction.

If you are searching for shuttering products on rent in Kolkata, then you are at the right place. Choose from our wide range of supreme-quality shuttering products at convenient rental terms.

Various types of shuttering material available with us

You can get the following shuttering material on hire in Kolkata from us.

1. ISMC Channels

Our ISMC Channels are preferred by our clients because of their long-lasting nature and optimal performance. Our products are designed in a way that they contain all the necessary features to make the construction easy while holding to the industrial standards in terms of quality and safety. It is also resistant to any heavy external force.

2. Acrow Props

Acrow props provide a temporary aid when a building requires repair. We provide the acrow props at a very reasonable price so that it is affordable to everyone who requires it. Our products are made with superior quality material that can give a good performance. They are very easy to use and do not require additional workers to handle them, which means saving of additional labour cost. Also, they are easily adjustable according to the varying heights of the buildings.

3. Acro Span

You should always purchase the best quality, Acro Span because it is used for floor casting. Getting Acro Span from us will be your best choice as it is quite strong and durable and is made according to industrial standards. It is simple to use and gives optimal performance. We even make it according to the requirements of the client under the guidance of our experts.

4. Mivan Shuttering

We provide high-quality Mivan Shuttering on rent that is durable and strong. It facilitates the completion of construction quickly. It can be handled by unskilled workers, thus, eliminating the need to hire skilled workers. With our products, you get a neat finish to the building, which requires minimum maintenance.

5. MS Plates/Centering/Steel Plate

We provide a broad scale of MS Plates/Centering/Steel Plate that is of high quality. They are durable, resistant to force, and long-lasting. The steel plates are resistant to corrosiveness. Our customers buy or rent our products regularly because of the quality and features of our products. There will be no shortcoming in your construction if you use our products.


Why buy shuttering products from Winntus?

We at Winntus have a proven record of supplying best-grade shuttering products on rent in Kolkata. No local supplier can match the durability, strength, safety, affordability, and optimal performance of our products which are made under the guided supervision of our expert team. Any poor-quality shuttering will harm your construction and may put others in danger. Get the shuttering rental services in Kolkata from us to get all these benefits of our products that will ease your construction and give it the perfect finish.

Reap the following benefits with our products and rental services

  • Easy rent and return policy of our shuttering products.
  • Durable, strong, seismic-resistant products that last for a long time.
  • High-grade material used to make our products.
  • Reliable performance of our products and fast construction.
  • Guaranteed safety of our products.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.

With all the above merits of our products, you do not need to go elsewhere to get shuttering on rent in Kolkata. Our shuttering products will provide you with a strong structure and perfect finish for your building. So, visit us at, and contact us to get your shuttering material on hire in Kolkata or to enquire about any further details.