5 Problems Faced in Summers and Spring at the Construction Site

11 March 21
scaffolding safety tips

The process of construction keeps continuing, no matter what the season is. But with the change in the season, there are many health and safety hazards faced on the construction site. The rainy days bring slippery surfaces whereas, cold weather decreases the visibility, and with the arrival of spring, it is a signal that the coming months will become even hotter. So, the risk with this also increases. So, it is essential to follow the scaffolding safety tips that will lower the risk to the people working there.

Well, let’s have a look at the various problems faced by the people while working in such harsh conditions.

  • Sunburn: The most common problem faced by the people working on the hot summer day is the heat or sunburns. This problem arises when the workers are continuously working in direct sunlight. This much exposure of the skin to the sun can cause the problems like skin cancer. Even working in such conditions will make the body exhaust easily. So, the workers and managers need to provide the creams like sunscreen that will act as a shield to protect the skin, and throughout the working of the day, that cream should be applied. Even stat hydrated throughout the day.
  • Poor air quality: During hot summer days, the quality of the air also becomes poor. This is the reason why people get more the health problems like asthma or any other inhaling problems. So if you are a worker working in such a condition, make sure you have your inhaler with you in case you get affected; you have your first aid.
  • Extreme weather: During summer, the air becomes very dry, and exposure to heat and the sun will make it more difficult to work. The extreme weather conditions can also lead to thunderstorms and lighting. So, it is very important to have an identified shelter for the workers, and there should be clear communication among the workers in case of any extreme conditions.
  • Toxic plants: Nature is wonderful, and we all might love to be around nature. But there are always some exceptions. Even some dangerous plants can cause allergies to the people around the construction site. So, it is very important to get rid of all such plants that can cause trouble to the workers and decrease workflow.
  • Explosions: There are so many explosive materials that are sometimes used at the construction site. If there are any present at the place, proper signboards and alerts should be given to the workers so that there is no scope of people entering that place and they should not come in contact with sunlight.

All these measures will ensure that the workplace and the people there are safe and can carry their work with utmost care. Accidents are uncertain, but it is very important to take all the measures that will help in performing the work efficiently.

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