Maintain Your Heavy Equipment with These 5 Proven Tips and Enjoy Greater ROI

07 May 21
tips for maintaining heavy equipments

Heavy machines are big-ticket purchases and require a significant capital expenditure upfront to avail of their benefits. However, you would be surprised to know that costs incurred in the upkeep of this expensive equipment could also snowball into a mammoth amount. Even worse, without proper maintenance, these faithful workhorses may breakdown regularly. This will have a domino effect as your project costs and time schedules get out of hand as a result of these disruptions.

You should always be proactive when it comes to regular maintenance of your heavy equipment. Here are 5 insider tips for maintaining heavy equipments that are practiced by the best maintenance engineers in the business.

  1. Preventive Maintenance

Past data clearly shows that preventive maintenance reduces repair costs by a whopping 25 percent. You should always set up a robust preventive maintenance program for heavy equipment that includes periodic lubrication, replacements, and filtering. You should schedule systematic inspections to diagnose problems early before they have caused severe damage. You should perform industry-standard tests and checks on your machines to ensure everything is in order. Heavy machinery problems are much easier to deal with when they are detected early.

  • Thorough Knowledge of the Machines

For properly operating your machines to reduce breakdowns, you must first have deep knowledge of their parts and functioning. Improper handling of heavy machinery can lead to costly breakdowns or even otherwise generally reducing their lifespan. Always make sure that you train your operators adequately before they start handling their machines. If required, get them properly certified to avoid any unnecessary legal complications. Continuous up skilling is vital as new technologies are being embedded into old models all the time.

  • Choose the Right Tools Every Single Time

There is a reason why you have do not have only one kind of spammer for all plumbing tasks. It may sound clichéd, but it is true that a workman is only as good as his tools. You should make sure to use the proper attachments when you are operating your heavy machinery. Take into account various factors such as the composition of the material, climate, and approximate loads before you select the right machine for the task at hand. Always make sure to replace broken parts with new ones that are of the proper dimension, strength rating, and quality.

  • Watch out for Early Signs of Wear and Tear

Whenever you clean your machines, always run a quick check for any wear and tear. Do you spot any unusual leakages or weird sounds? Early detection of faults can lead to massive savings down the line. If these go unaddressed and escalate into major machine faults, the repair costs can be exorbitant.

  • Provide enough Downtime to Your Equipment

Though they may be mechanical beasts, heavy machinery is still prone to breakdowns or poor performance because of fatigue and overwork. You do not want your expensive equipment to get damaged because of overheating. Neither would you want to fracture them because you loaded too heavy a weight. Always follow the guidelines and specifications provided by the manufacturer. Doing this will ensure your equipment performs efficiently for a much longer duration of time.

Machines may not be living, breathing creatures. Yet like any other system, they need to be maintained and taken care of for proper functioning. The old story about the woodcutter who increased his output by sharpening his axe after every tree he cut is equally true with the amazing mechanical monsters of today. Take care of them, and they will serve you well for a long time.

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