Faq Of Aluminium Formwork Systems

Faq Of Aluminium Formwork Systems in India

What Is Aluminium Formwork?

A method of construction that is utilized for the purpose of molding all of the cast-in-place concrete structures of a building, such as the walls, floors, beams, stairs, and so on. It can be simply applied to straightforward buildings such as columns, beams, and slabs, and it offers several advantages over traditional and conventional building practices that are already in use.

How Does This Aluminium Formwork Use?

In order to make a mold for pouring concrete, the panels are put together using a very basic pin and wedge assembly method. While beams and props are used to support slab panels, high-strength wall ties are used to hold the walls of the structure together. After the casting is complete, the panels are very simple to remove and reuse.

Why Should I Use Aluminium Formwork?

The use of aluminum formwork is a versatile option that is notably cost-effective and efficient when it comes to the formation of concrete structures. When compared to more traditional methods of construction, this approach results in a finish and evenness of extremely high quality, all while shortening floor competition cycles to 4-5 days. Because the panels are so lightweight, there is no requirement for tower cranes, which makes installation much simpler and safer. Our formwork is also quite flexible with regard to the many structural geometries and wall heights that may be required.

How Many Times Can I Reuse The Panel?

In most cases, our panels may be reused in an average of 200 times without developing rust or showing signs of the typical wear and tear that comes with repeated use. Because it has been properly galvanized with an effective zinc coating, the aluminum formwork should be used to prevent rusting and corrosion. The use of this panel is strongly recommended.

How Much Does It Cost?

At Winntus, we are committed to offering aluminum formwork to customers in Andhra Pradesh in a manner that is both reasonably priced and efficient in terms of its overall cost. The fields of rental, contract, purchase, and exchange are all covered by our range of services. In addition to this, our team of highly trained personnel works closely with customers to direct them toward our services.

How Do I Buy It?

We will respond within short notice for your sale enquiry or a call. Our professional all answer all your sales inquiries. We let you choose specifications and designs, and compute a buy estimate right after. The process from our side start from here, we develop a supply scope proposal for you, manufacture exactly as stated, and verify our shell design before shipping. We are eager to do business with you. 

What Is The Production Capacity Of Your Plant?

With advanced equipments and professionals who are highly skilled those machinery, we finalise several batches of formworks. We ergonomically designed our facility for layout and space efficiency. Hence, the production capacity is maximizes with the operational space of 10,000 square meter/annum. 

What Is The Load Bearing Capacity Of Aluminium Formwork?

Load Bearing Capacity Is Approx. 60 Kn/M2. This means you can rely on our alnuminum formwork for holding 6,118.3 kilogram of weight in a mere of 100 centimeter square area.

What Do I Do When Panels Get Dirty From Many Castings?

If the formwork gets dirty despite the smooth surface and precise joints, you can avail of cleaning and refurbishment service. This will replenish the panel and extend its lifespan. To know more information and details about reusability of panels, Contact us.

How Many Castings Can We Do In A Month?

You can rely on our product and perform 3-4 castings in a month. We assure you of safety and quality. 

What Is The Grade Of Aluminium Used For The Formwork System?

We believe that formwork must be precise, this is vital for finalising a desired specification and smooth finish while construction.

Grade– 6061-T6

Aluminium Sheet Grade – 5052/3105 (4mmThickness)

Standard Sizes (Wall Panels)– 2050x600mm , 2050x500mm & 2050x450mm

Standard Size (Deck Panels)– 1200x600mm

What Sort Of Quality We Are Providing?

We produce premium quality aluminium formworks on which you can rely on. This product with great tensile strength can be relied on for large-scale construction. We use a variety of techniques and tools to assist in producing high-quality products. Our formworks, casting, and panels are highly appreciated for withstanding years of rough usage, and maintaining their properties.

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