FAQ For Aluminium Formwork System

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A construction system used for forming all of the cast-in-place concrete structures of a building including walls, floors, beams, stairs etc. It can be easily applied to simple column, beam, and slab constructions and offers many advantages over other traditional and conventional construction methods.

Panels are assembled using a very simple pin and wedge system to create a mold for concrete pouring. Walls are held together with high strength wall ties, while slab panels are supported by beams and props. After casting, the panels can be easily removed for reuse.

Aluminum formwork is a versatile solution for forming concrete structures and is especially cost effective and efficient. Compared to conventional construction procedures, it provides a very high quality finish and evenness, while reducing floor competition cycles to 4-5 days. The lightweight panels eliminate the need for tower cranes, making installation both easier and safer. Our formwork is also easily adaptable to varying structural geometries and wall heights.

Typically our panels can be reused more than 200 times without getting rusty or experiencing normal wear and tear.

Our panels are custom made for each project to best fit our client’s needs, so prices will vary. Please contact us to request a quotation!

Please contact us and we will put you in contact with a sales representative who can answer all your questions. You can submit drawings and building details and we will happily calculate a purchase quotation for you as well as work through a supply scope proposal. A signed purchase order and confirmed shell drawings will begin the production process for your panels. We look forward to doing business with you!

PRODUCTION CAPACITY IS APPROX. 100000 square meter per annum


our company offers a cleaning and refurbishment service to extend the lifetime reusability of panels. If you are interested, you can contact us for more information and details.

3-4 castings in a month.

Grade– 6061-T6

Aluminium Sheet– Grade – 5052/3105 (4mmThickness)

Standard Sizes of Wall Panels– 2050x600mm , 2050x500mm & 2050x450mm

Standard Size of Deck Panels– 1200x600mm

with our best technical sound team and advanced machinery. We are able to produce the best quality product with accurate specification.