MIVAN Formwork Technology Helps Construct High-Quality Buildings Efficiently at Reduced Costs

02 June 21

Formwork technology is constantly evolving to keep pace with the fast-changing demands of the construction sector. MIVAN technology is the latest formwork trend in the Indian construction space. Named after the European company of the same name who patented this technology, MIVAN helps builders complete construction projects fast and affordably.

Aluminium is used as the shuttering material in this technique which helps keep the costs low. Many prominent shuttering manufacturers are using aluminium for their products to cater to the rising application of MIVAN in construction works in India. Many of these manufacturers also provide aluminium formwork to enable builders to save on long-term investment costs.

There are several benefits of employing MIVAN technology in your construction work. Let us look at the major ones among them:

  1. Speed and Efficiency

MIVAN was designed to speed up the pace of construction work. By using pin and wedge joining methods, we can assemble the aluminium formwork quickly. Also, by setting up a supporting steel mesh before building the formwork, the casting process is sped up. All this enables the concrete to set in fast.

  • High Quality of Construction

Setting up an initial steel framework before the cast makes the final building much sturdier and more durable. This kind of high quality is not achievable with conventional techniques. When the formwork is installed around the steel mesh and the concrete finally settles in the casts, the resulting steel-reinforced structure has immense earth resistance and strength. 

  • Aesthetics

By providing an initial steel mesh and supporting slabs of aluminium alloy around the formwork casts, the concrete settles in a much smoother and even way. The finishing on the final walls is smooth and flat. You will not find any undulating surfaces on the walls if you use the MIVAN technique. When these walls are coated with beautiful paints, the final result is aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

  • Low Labour Costs

As the MIVAN technique involves no bricklaying, you can make valuable savings on costs by not having to hire so many masons and assisting workers.

  • Less Maintenance

The quality of buildings constructed with MIVAN is very good. They are not easily damaged, and you do not need to spend a fortune on regular maintenance or repair work.

  • Reusable 

Aluminium formwork is durable and can be reused multiple times with ease. You save money and the environment, both by reusing it.

No matter how good the technology, there are always some downsides to it. Some of the potential weak points of using the MIVAN technique are:

  1. Initial High Cost

The initial setup cost is higher in this method. But this is balanced out by the subsequent reductions in labour and time and also by the higher quality of the finished product.

  • Suitable for Regular Shapes

MIVAN works best for geometrical and regular forms. It is not that good when used for custom shapes and structures.

  • Skilled Workforce

Aluminium formwork usage requires a skilled workforce. Although, this is again balanced out by the reduced number of workers that you would need to hire.

  • Initial Time to Setup is Long

It takes a long time to construct the supporting steel framework and the surrounding aluminium-alloy slabs. The following steps are though much quicker than in traditional methods.

You should definitely check out the MIVAN technique with aluminium formwork for your next construction project. It saves time and costs while building better-end products, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds!
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