Aluminium Formwork Rental



If you are looking for an aluminium formwork system on rent, we will be the right place. Winntus is a leading aluminium formwork company, which provides aluminium formwork to the customers on sale as well as on rent. Our aluminium formwork rental services are available for Delhi and Gurgaon locations. Winntus, being a reputed organisation, provides its services to the customers at pan India level


Benefits Of Rental Services

Rental services have several advantages. These services are beneficial to customers who are not able to purchase aluminium formworks for their projects. Also, if you have a requirement of aluminium formwork for a short term project, then it is better to hire aluminium formwork on rent rather than to purchase it for your project.

Properties Of Our Aluminium Formwork System

We have used high-quality raw aluminium alloy to make aluminium formworks. The Following are the properties of our aluminium formworks:

  • Made up of high-quality aluminium metal, hence, light in weight.
  • Has the ability to resist corrosion.
  • Can be constructed easily on-site.
  • Can bear heavy loads.
  • Offers easy dismantling at the site after the completion of the project.

If you are looking for the highest quality aluminium formwork in Delhi and Gurgaon for your project, contact us.

How do we maintain and execute Projects?

Define the Project:

Being a professional aluminum formwork manufacturing unit we keep track of every possible mistake and satisfaction of our clients, therefore, we believe and consent that without following any process project delivery with efficiency is hard to crack the nut.  So defining the Project and checking its useability is extremely important.  Mivan formwork requires a lot of effort to complete the project with efficiency.

Identify & Meet with Stakeholders

The construction industry has been changing a lot and aluminium formwork manufacturers need to change their working patterns more smoothly rather than making it difficult. At Winntus, we keep our customer’s requirements along with research ahead by keeping their changing requirements into consideration by regular follow-up and in aluminum formwork construction process it is extremely important to keep your clients in the loop and providing the researched work with quality.

Set & Prioritize Goal

In winntus aluminium formwork we prioritize goals and set them according to the deadline promised with clients.  Our team keeps in mind that “We should not over-commit but deliver beyond clients expectation” and set aluminium formwork cost based on the task.

Establish Measurable Criteria

Project delivery is not the only thing that we perform in Winntus but before taking any project we establish measurable criteria and check the feasibility based on the project and also check the quality of the project and be it aluminium column formwork work on anything we provide the best solution available in the industry.

Define Milestone & Deliverable

Projects Initiation, Planning, Execution and closure these four phases are very important and critical to measure and maintain. When we receive any project we discuss over the table with our clients that what are their expectations from their projects and with us and how do they want us to deliver the project and being the aluminium formwork system suppliers at pan India we believe in making things happen with quality and sustainability.

Selection of Team Members & Assigning Roles & Responsibility.

At winntus aluminium formwork system we choose our team carefully and we have a team of well trained professionals who can provide the best solution over the call and find the best possible ways to complete your project as and when asked.  Our team consists of people having professional experience of more than 10 years into aluminium formwork.

Software based excellency

Winntus Formwork is known for its efficiety and timely delivery of projects and maintaining deadline as promised.  We use the most updated software to handle most complex planning and execution part of any commercial projects.  Project management is done by our team of dedicated and expert people.

Project Sheduling

For each task, determine the amount of time it will take, the resources necessary, and who will be responsible for its completion. Next, identify any dependencies. Do certain tasks need to be completed before others can begin? Involve your team in some of the planning processes. The people doing the work have important insight into how tasks get done, how long they’ll take, and who’s the best person to tackle specific tasks

Risk Assessment Analysis

Risk assessment analysis makes any project less risky and becomes easy to define its success rate.  When our team receives and project and as we proceed for the project initiation part we recommend our clients to sit with us and do the risk assessment and give their own understanding and once this activity is over we start working on the project based on the given deadline.

Test Deliverables

It is our priority to test all deliverables and make it sure that once it is delivered we should get the positive outcome from our clients.

Evaluation of Project Result

To evaluate the project result our team gets in touch with clients and work on the feedback.

Why Us

  • We work in pan India
  • We have an experienced and talented team
  • We perform all work with a professional approach
  • We are highly communicable, committed, and transparent
  • We have inbuilt manufacturing units at multiple locations
  • We have special logistics systems to provide the lowest transportation charges
  • We have our own R&D center to compete with new technologies in the industry
  • We have multiple godown across India to better facilitate our valuable clients
  • We have a unique concept with the availability of equipment and accessories at all our godowns
  • We have solutions to refurbish and reconditioning for old and damaged shuttering and scaffolding
  • We deal in all segments related to shuttering and scaffolding. (sales, purchase, rent, contract ship, reconditioning & exchange)

Ethics Transparency Commitment Quality Quantity Services

Core Values

Our people

Our people make us what we are.  We will strive to continuously provide our people with an environment that is professional where they could grow personally along with the institution.


We represent a unit in diversity.  A coming together of people from different backgrounds and cultures, with a single-minded purpose, of adding value to the institution that we represent.


We  believe that it s treading each other and our customers with dignity. I,e with trust and respect, that we as an institution in turn would be treated with dignity.


We are open transparent in our dealings with treatment of our emplouee and customeers, we believe that long term relationship are built and nurtured, in being open and tranparent in our action and dealings.


We are informal, yet disciplined.  We do not let formality come in the way of listening to and in the treatment of issues concerning our employees or our customers, at any time.  However, we are disciplined in that we do not think on the basis of logic or philosophy and not in an Adhoc manner.


In all our actions as a group and as individuals representing this group, we would be governed by integrity.  Integrity both financially and professionally.  Truth and honesty would guide each and every action or our between ourselves, our customers, and all our employees.

Excellent a way of life

We Welcome challenges.  In fact, we are defined by our determination and ability to take on challenges tasks and deliver excellent results, always.


We would commit to whatever we do to the institution that we represent, our customers, and our employees.


Each and every one of us takes ownership of what we do and ensures our commitment to the institution by leaving behind something better than what was handed over to us.

Satisfaction matters

We believe to attain complete satisfaction of all entities engaged with us,i.e customers suppliers stakeholders employees workers, and laborers.

One family

In all that we do, we would act as “One Family” with teamwork and loyalty to the institution, defining and differentiating us in the marketplace.

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