All You Need To Know About Shuttering Including Its Different Types

28 June 21

Concrete is extremely versatile. And it can be used for various types of construction projects. With concrete, both large and small structures can be easily built. And that is why we have reasons to believe that concrete is one of the best construction materials we have today, universally used for its unique and amazing properties. When concrete is poured into moulds, referred to as formworks in construction parlance, it hardens over time and creates beautiful structures. Later, when the moulds are removed, the concrete that was poured takes the shape of the moulds. This is an interesting construction process and is referred to as shuttering.

So, remember concrete alone can’t give desired results; it needs the right type of formwork or shuttering to create wonders.

Shuttering is extremely important when viewed from a construction standpoint. With the right formwork, both temporary and permanent moulds can be created. It is these moulds that give the concrete its desired shape. When the concrete hardens and attains strength with the passage of time, the moulds are removed. Interestingly, most such moulds are reusable.



Here are the most important types of shuttering for concrete construction-


  • Timber Shuttering- This is a traditional shuttering method. And it uses timber for creating the formwork required for construction. Both hardwood and plywood are used for timber shuttering.
  • Engineered Formwork System–This shuttering variety is extremely popular. Engineered formwork systems are not just faster to create but are also a cheaper deal when compared to traditional timber shuttering. Besides, they can be used over and over again.
  • Reusable plastic formwork- Small construction projects with repetitive tasks can be easily handled with reusable plastic formworks. This kind of shuttering is made out of robust yet lightweight plastic.
  • Steel Formwork- Steel shuttering is expensive, but it has got its own merits. For instance, steel shuttering can be used to create different types of shapes out of concrete, including curved structures. This is the best shuttering to use if you want to provide a smooth finish to your concrete surfaces.

Things that matter where shuttering is concerned-

No matter what kind of shuttering you use for your construction project, it is important to follow a few does and don’ts. So, let’s look at a few things that you need to keep in mind about formworks-


  • Your shuttering should have the capacity to bear both dead and live loads. Meaning it should be extremely strong.
  • Shuttering should also be steady so that there is no disturbance to the shape of the concrete that needs to be created.
  • To keep the concrete structure intact, it’s important to see to it that the shuttering joints are leak-proof.
  • The shuttering should be built in such a way that when it is removed, it does not disturb or damage the concrete. This also requires dexterity of handling, as a concrete structure may also receive damage when moulds are removed poorly.
  • Although one-time shuttering is highly popular, it’s better when moulds are reusable. That way, costs incurred in the long run are low.
  • Lightweight shuttering is not just easy to handle; it is also safe to use as it causes no harm to the people working with it.
  • When shuttering is created, it should be done using materials and technology that would ensure that the resulting moulds will not get distorted no matter what.

The good news is- by keeping all the above mentioned considerations in mind, the best shuttering for a construction project can be easily created.

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