5 Support Formworks That Support Construction

24 March 21
different types of scaffoldings

While talking about various types of scaffoldings, the first question that comes to our mind is the identity of scaffolding? For those, who are still wondering about scaffolding, let us give you some facts about it. 

Scaffolding is the first step taken towards building construction and is a pillar of support to any building. Scaffolding is a method of creating a temporary structure around the building. It is to provide a support system to the workers. It is a structure that helps the crew members or the workers at the construction site to reach heights. It becomes essential structural support during any repair or construction process. Although different materials like bamboo and pipes make up the scaffolding structure, using low-quality materials may have much potential of causing death. 

Various Types of Scaffolding and Their Uses

Scaffolding of Access- As the name suggests, this type of scaffolding refers to the supporting framework that helps the workers at the construction sites. They can reach considerable heights for repairing and other construction purposes. The purpose of the access scaffolding to gain access to the positions that is at heights.

A Scaffold That Remains Suspended- Also known by the term suspended scaffolding, this structural framework remains suspended from the ceiling or roof of a building. Ropes or wires are the materials that usually support the suspended scaffold structure. The ropes or the wires have another function also. They find their application in adjusting the height of the scaffold structure at various stages. This scaffolding is useful during painting, window cleaning, or any minor intricate repairing works. The suspended scaffolding is essential for a day or two’s work, where the workers would require only a support platform to have access to such areas.

Trestle Type of Scaffolding- Trestle scaffolding is something that remains inside the construction site. It is inside the building for any construction or repair work. It is a type of structure that has the support of the movable ladder. It is famous scaffolding that is common amongst the bricklayers and masons who are associated with plastering.

The Cantilever is More of Lever Type Scaffolding- Cantilever scaffolding finds applications during the times when there are obstacles on the way that prevents the scaffold structure remain upright. The ground cannot support any support structures as it needs to be free from the upper part. It has some salient features that make it different from conventional scaffolding. The traditional scaffolding requires a base stand or support to hold the entire structure upright, while the cantilever type is at some height above the ground and has the base support with scaffold needles.

The Putlog Type- The putlog type of scaffolding is also known as the single scaffolding. It is the structure that comprises one row of standards, set parallel to the building surface. It is at a considerable distance to accommodate the base platform of the scaffold.

The double scaffolding finds applications during stone or cement structures construction among the different types of scaffoldings. It is difficult to support the putlogs in the stone walls with holes on them. Without the holes, they cannot support the parallel base of the single scaffolding. Two rows of scaffolding networks are the unique features of this scaffolding. One frame is close to the wall, and the second one at some distance.

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