Winntus Scaffolding serves in all six corners of a hexagon i.e. manufacturing, export, repair & reconditioning, contractor, exchange and rental. Our quality of work and services have let us win the heart of our customers and have helped us establish worldwide. Whether you need an engineered scaffold solution complete with assembly and dismantle, or just want rental or buy equipment- Winntus Scaffolding is the one stop solution point.

The rental facility is for those customers who requires the shuttering and scaffolding material for the time being. All the products, equipment, and accessories are also available for rental purposes. We are leading scaffolding rental company in the country. We are currently working with more than 400 sites across India. The rental facility has helped us gain the recognition and around 20,000 tons of material is on rental period. The idea behind the rental facility is to accelerate the infrastructure.

Winntus scaffolding is the manufacturer of steel shuttering and scaffolding. With enormous warehouse and inventory, we promise to deliver any scaffolding and Shuttering solution at your doorstep. We offer scaffolding for all types of structures, i.e. industrial, revamp, special event and much more.

Our team of experts can design and erect the structure as per the requirements and plans of the customers and also dismantle it when the project is accomplished.

Signing off contracts to the customers is another service that we offer. A document of contact is decided between the client and the company for either short or long term period. Within the contract, there are amendments for the workforce provision, scaffolding material, equipment, and accessories. The workforce is arranged as per the requirements of the project. When the deadline of the contract is met, the material, accessories, and equipment are taken back again into the company’s hold.

The motive behind the exchange service is to decrease the loss that occur on a national scale.

Under this service, Winntus take your non-workable, scrap and provide you with the new and customized scaffolding and shuttering material. With the help of exchange service, Winntus promise to deliver the best in segment application and service which are exclusive for our customers. With changing technology, we bring you the latest scaffolding products in exchange.

The motive behind the exchange service is to decrease the loss that occur on a national scale.

Winntus Scaffolding exports steel shuttering, scaffolding and accessories. All the exports are done as per the requirement of the projects. Manufacturing gives us first hand in the export process. All the shuttering and scaffolding products could be transferred to other countries without any hassle. Time-management is very important when it comes to exporting goods and services to neighbor countries.

For within the country, the shipment process is carried out. The products are shipped from one part of the country to the other with the fastest means of logistics. We make sure that the whole export and shipment process carried out on time.

Winntus also provides scaffolding for repair and recondition. Available for both small and large scale scaffolding repair and recondition demand. Our plant is equipped with a drive built scaffolding reparation center, capable of handling requirements of all proportions and restorations. All the repair and recondition center go side by side with the manufacturing unit so that the requirements could be meet accordingly. We have the expertise, information, and capability to refurbish your scaffolding equipment back to working conditions.

There are 4 types of repair and recondition processes:

  • Blast Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Repair and reconditioning
  • Paint and finishing